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The Environment and Natural Resources Management Programme implements activities promoting sustainable responses to the management of the environment and natural resources in Southern Africa.  The programme spearheads advocacy and public awareness on climate change mitigation and adaptation, promoting public accountability in sectors like the extractive industries and agriculture, and promoting community participation in sustainable responses to environmental challenges. The programme drives debate on community based natural resources management, promoting sustainable practices such as conservation agriculture, livestock, wildlife and fisheries management and bee keeping. The programme uses different platforms and tools to promote accountability and transparency in the management of natural resources in sectors such as agriculture and the extractive industries.

Programme Goal

Promoting sustainable environment and natural resources management practices and policies in Southern Africa.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To promote community participation in fostering sustainable and inclusive responses/interventions of environmental strategic issues (focus areas) in Southern Africa
  2. Raising the profile of environmental Issues in Southern Africa in order to influence policy and programming responses
  3. To empower communities to foster accountability and transparency in natural resources management issues especially extractive industries in Southern Africa