Violence against women campaign bears fruit

Community members in Chongwe, Kafue and Lusaka have started counting the benefits brought by the Violence Against Women Media campaign, which PSAf is implementing with support from the Oxfama Zambia programme.

In November, PSAf facilitated community based round table discussions in the three districts where community members had open discussions about a vast array of issues believe to be the drivers of violence against women. In Kafue and Shantumbu, two school debates were held featuring secondary schools and community members on the motions Zambian culture promotes gender equality and Men Can stop Violence Against Women respectively.
The Shantumbu community meeting was a result of a joint collaboration between PSAf and Citizens Against Gender Based Violence while the Kafue and Chongwe meetings were done in partnership with the two joint implementing partners, 2410 and Zambia Council for Social Development respectively. The Kafue meeting was briefly attended by the Minister of Gender (Hon. Inonge Wina) and Area MP (Hon. Mwaliteta) who is also Minister for Western Province. The Minister for Gender commended the male folk for encouraging dialogue and championing the fight against gender violence targeted at women. Other local partners in Kafue that are complimenting similar efforts and attended the meeting include Mphala, Kafue Community Radio, Programme Against Discrimination in Communication (PADIC), Child Fund and the Zambia Police- VSU.
The organisation has also been holding a number of consultative meetings with gender activists/CBOs, the police, Victim Support Unit, Ministry of Gender, Ministry of Education  and other stakeholders in Kafue, Chongwe and Lusaka including Men of high standing in their communities. The consultation meetings revolved around the identification of key actors and personalities in the area of gender based violence and violence against women identifying possible threads for informing the messaging.
To ensure that there is a consistent flow of accurate and detailed information on VAW, PSAf also commissioned selected journalists from the mainstream media to write in-depth articles on the subject.
 Since the launch of the campaign, media interest in the subject has increased as evidenced by the growing trend among media houses to deliberately have dedicated space on gender reporting including issues around GBV and VAW.
PSAf is spearheading a media campaign focusing on Violence Against Women, under a partnership agreement with Oxfam Zambia. This campaign targets to engage the menfolk and boys so that they take centre amplifying voices on Violence Against Women. Consistent with the goal of the campaign, a key strategy to induce motivation for other men to change their attitudes and practices and begin treating women with equity and dignity has been to work with males of good standing in society. This way, a sustained approach of dealing with and eradicating Violence Against Women will gradually be generated.
The overall goal of the VAW media campaign is to create a platform for dialogue on violence against women and girl with men taking a lead role.

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