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Panos publishes human rights briefs for traditional leaders

Panos Institute Southern Africa (PSAf) has published five sets of Human Rights Briefs for Traditional Leaders as part of the organisation’s ongoing support to different stakeholders to foster social change and human rights protection at community level. The aim of the Traditional Leaders’ Brief on Human Rights is to enhance chiefs, chietnainesses, headmen and headwomen’s understanding of human rights especially of marginalised groups. The Human Rights Brief for Traditional Leaders – p
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Right to Know: An opportunity to strengthen citizens’ participation in good governance

Lusaka, 28 September 2016: Panos Institute Southern Africa today joined the world in commemorating the International Day on the Right to Know (R2K) which is celebrated annually on 28th September. This day is important because it reminds all of us of the importance of access to information.   The R2K Day is commemorated internationally to promote access to information for all people and the benefits of open, transparent, and accountable governments. Panos holds the Right
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New publication on the Quest for a People Driven Constitution in Zambia

Panos Institute Southern Africa (PSAf) has published a new booklet on the Quest for a People Driven Constitution in Zambia. The booklet tells the story of the Grand Coalition on the Campaign for a People driven constitution, a multi-stakeholder civil society campaign that is coordinated by PSAf. Read More

Policy brief on extractive industries in Mozambique developed 

Based on evidence generated during the implementation of the Monitoring Extractive Industries project, PSAf developed a Policy Brief on the extractive industries in Mozambique. The policy brief highlights to government and stakeholders the gaps and opportunities in the implementation of policies governing the extractive industries. The policy brief highlights the following issues:
  1. Forced Resettlements: One of the accountability issues the brief highlights is that
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Community members take part in a radio listening club (RLC) recording in Kazungula, Southern Zambia. PSAf amplifies
voices of the poor and marginalised through RLCs and other platforms.

Community members empowered to become generators of content

In 2014, PSAf established 75 new RLCs in Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The RLCs were established around community radio stations from these five countries that PSAf is working with to amplify voices of the poor and marginalised. Prior to the establishment of the clubs, the community media personnel were trained to establish and run RLCs as an extension of their media houses, and utilise the data from radio listening clubs in their radio news
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